Personal Pics 

It all started here on August 17, 1977


At 9 years old 1986 with my Grandfather.


Again at 9 years old 1986

4th Grade 1986 9years old


5th Grade 1987 10 years old


9th Grade 1992 15 years.


2000 at work at USLABEL 21 years old.

Me and My Mom and Late Grandfather. Christmas 1999

Christmas 1999

Christmas 2001.


From the left: Me, My baby sister Jennifer, My nutty Dad.

Christmas 2001.


Graduation from Alamance Community college 2002

Granddaddy in Summer 2002

This is my renewed license in 2002.



Christmas at work 2003.

Work 2004.

Christmas 2004

Left to Right

My sister Jennifer, Me, My sister Jamie


Good Before / After shot

Updated Pictures in March 28, 2005

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The Above Picture is Jamie and Jennifer, Left to Right. They are my two #1 sisters

When I am not at work I enjoy working with my backyard goldfish pool, Refinishing antique furniture, playing the piano and the self-player piano, computers, and playing with my cats and pet ducks.  I am also crazy about the weather.


I have been working with computers since I was in High School. I went to Eastern Randolph High School and I had several great teachers that I thank a lot for their guidance and friendship. The first three are Ms. Cuttler, Mrs. Lawson and Ms. Harrell. They were my Instructors in media 1, 2, and Computer Video Assistant classes.

The other four were Mrs. Lowe, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Rhodes and Mrs. Collins. They were my instructors in Computer Apps. 1, Financial Planning, English 11th grade, and Social Studies

After Graduating High School in January 1996 I enrolled in ECPI College of Technology in Greensboro N.C. At ECPI they taught Electronics and Computer Maintenance and repair. I learned the basics of networking and most of the more popular operating systems. Some of my instructors were fantastic in their teaching skills. Anita Schrauder, Tom Stultz, Ken Roberts, and Debora Jameison were my favorites.

After ECPI I got a couple of Temporary jobs that were dead end and did not pay much. Then in December of 1997 I landed a great job with a local computer store Called Advanced Electronics Computer Super Store.  We sold almost every computer part that they make. We built new systems, repaired old ones and offered customer service to the Burlington and surrounding areas. This was a fantastic learning experience for me. In July 1998 I decided to try to find a job with a larger corporation, And finally U.S. Label Called and offered me a Position that I could not turn down.

I Stayed at U.S. Label until March 1st 2000. I had had enough of their inability to manage a company, I had no Boss for 6 months. At that time I thought it best to finish with school.  I enrolled at Alamance Community College and am 3 classes away from Graduating with an associates degree in Information Systems with the Windows 2000 NT Networking Major.  

I also have a fantastic job with a local company called MEDTOX Diagnostics Inc.  They Manufacture on site drug testing devices, a very high market.  I found this job through the school job directory and have been here since the first of June 2000.  Currently I am the whole computer department, my supervisor and my other associate have left the company.

You can visit their website here  MEDTOX  

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