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In April 2003 I purchased a 2 acre plot of land in Saxapahaw NC on the Haw River.  I have around 300 foot of Lake/River Frontage. The reason that I say River/Lake is because I am located above the Hydroelectric Dam in Saxapahaw which was built in the 1950?s. The river is about ? mile wide across where my land is. I plan to build a house overlooking the river as soon as financially possible so I can enjoy the river.

The Topography is very hilly.
Where the house will sit is gently
sloping but then it goes down very steep. In 400 feet the land drops almost 100 feet down to the river.

No flood worries.

I have a river, a creek, a spring, ducks, geese, and owls, and a view of the Cane Creek Mountains over the river.  Plus I have natural gas and neighborhood water from another artesian well.

and most important of all,



Sun Going Down

Almost gone!

Just think Science tries to explain this beauty by saying that it happens by chance.


This is the spring before I cleaned it out.

Deep in the woods.

I love this tree!

Here are the tame ducks that live in my marsh.  I call them Huey, Dewy, and Luey.

This is a view of the small creek.

View across the River/Lake.

River after Sunset.

This is the area that I want to build a gazebo.

This is the area that I want to put the house.

Full moon of May 2003 2 hours before total eclipse.

Looking from river toward hill where house would go.

Another view of the creek.

Yet another marsh view In Winter.

Looking down the spring.

This is my favorite picture, so much so I entered it into a contest.

Spider web at dark

Hey You get out of my spring!


Summer at the lake.

Clear water after sunset.

Another view of the above.

Nice reflection.


You can turn this picture upside down and it looks the same.

View of cleaned out spring, to bad you cannot see the water.

If momma saw this she would shoot me.

Taking risks for the camera.

Lazy Me.

This is why I never have to worry about a flood.

Nice View of marsh.



I hope you like my pictures, come back when autumn arrives, and the beech tree leaves are golden yellow.

That with the red maple will be breathtaking.

 Here Below is Saxapahaw Town Homepage.


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